fri/sat march 15/16th

8:30 pm
Dangerfield's/Rib TIckler

Shakopee, MN

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About Chuck

Comedian. Ha Ha.

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Laugh, knucklehead .

Chuck Gollop was a policeman for 21 years, which would seem like a strange path to becoming a comedian. It's not; some of his funniest stories come from his work. Chuck is a divorced father of two. Naturally, Chuck won't discuss this on-stage; too bad there's no material there. Chuck has performed at clubs all across the country, including the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas. Chuck is a regular on FoxTV. Chuck has been called a "good enough person", and he is a noted napper and air enthusiast.

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thursday feb. 7th, 8:00 PM

Big Wood Brewery

White Bear, MN

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